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We are booking Las Fridas: A Movement Installation and Offering, a 60-minute transcultural transdisciplinary duet inspired by the life, loves, suffering, and artwork of Mexican painter and revolutionary Frida Kahlo for 2022-23. Click here for Booking Inquiries.

Las Fridas calls on each community engaging with it to examine their own histories, heritages and assumptions about Kahlo, gender, and aging. Our touring casts include 2 women, 2 men, and a man and a woman playing Frida.

We engage communities with Las Fridas by collaborating with local artists, architects, and designers to develop the set design. In addition to single or multiple performances, we also offer artist/scholar residencies tailored to the interests of your communities.

The work was originally projected to be performed in intimate gatherings, but its operatic scale also makes it suitable for larger venues. These formal and informal spaces include: black box, museum, cultural center, library, gallery, and studio. 

  • Not scared to push the audience right up to the edge that the performers are living on.
    – November 2019 audience member

  • Wonderfully in your face, both literally and metaphorically.
    November 2019 audience member

  • “Las Fridas” is a new form. It combines theater, movement and dance, performance art, visual art, and music, including the performers own vocalizations. We are still at the threshold of transgenerative awareness and fluid identity shifting and self-identification, which opens new realms of possibility for the individual and the collective across cultures around the world.
    – Barnett Serchuk,

  • There were moments that they were kind of toeing the line between life and death, violence and peace. And they didn’t hesitate to take us through those states of comfort and discomfort with them.
    November 2019 audience member

Click here for the 2019-20 New York audience responses.

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